Use blockchain data analysis.
Try out examples of what you can find on Blockchen: Recent Blocks in Bitcoin, Current Fee Estimates in Bitcoin Cash, Latest Transactions Ethereum.

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Cryptocurrency Tools : BlockSDK API request to get blockchain data, and you can exchange your cryptocurrency through Coin24.

Professional API

"bestblockhash": "0000000000000000000635e6c18c1577929c5543fd55819245753a3de53ed08f",
"prev_hash": "00000000000000000010fca669a2c519298c83e60894af94eea0af45e5f3fe26",
"unconfirmed_count": 515,
"low_fee_per_kb": 0.0001,
"medium_fee_per_kb": 0.00017
"high_fee_per_kb": 0.00018,
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